Same-Sex Domestic violence is real!


Admit it, the first thing that comes to your mind

when you think about domestic violence is an innocent,

scared woman being violated by her boyfriend, fiancee or husband.

You imagine that if the woman decided to press charges against said lover,

she would be well within her rights. This is because in the eyes of the law and society,

a man abusing a woman is completely unacceptable for the most part.

But what if this woman is being physically abused by her girlfriend or, in some states, wife?

Does the fact that her significant other is about the same physical size as her make it less damaging? What if it is a man and his boyfriend?

Many people feel that same-sex couples don’t face domestic abuse, but there’s plenty of information that supports the contrary.

One in three homosexual couples have experienced domestic violence in some way, which isn’t too different from heterosexual couples. So why are some lawmakers and enforcers not viewing this in a real way? IMG_1058

This site will educate naysayers about samesex1-1

same-sex domestic violence

through stories,

videos and personal sentiments.

Domestic violence, no matter the gender, is illegal and should be stopped at all times.

Gays and Lesbians shouldn’t feel as if they should be afraid to call the authorities if they are abused by a  spouse.

 A YouTube video from “TheWartburg54” shows the severity of same-sex domestic violence.




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